Studies characteristics because of the history of abortion and you may contraception explore

Studies characteristics because of the history of abortion and you may contraception explore

All of our main independent variable was reputation for abortion (Yes if any). Inside the questionnaire, female from reproductive years was asked whether or not they got ever educated people question of the pregnancy ending up with miscarriage, stillbirth, overlooked abortion otherwise abortion . This new responses were worry about-advertised according to the respondent’s complete existence amount of reputation for abortions. The latest adjustable was coded ‘Yes’ (for those having a reputation abortion) and you will ‘No’ (for those and no abortion records).


Parameters regarded as covariates had been chosen and you can classified since personal or community- level activities centered on literature [31, 31]. Considering our very own result of attention, history of abortion, lost times regarding all the covariates used in this study was decrease. Age of the ladies (15–19, 20–twenty-four, 25–34, 35+), its marital condition (married, formerly married/divorced, never ever partnered), higher academic top (secondary[lower/upper], vocational or training cardio, and you may college or university/institute/collected), many years to start with relationship (10–19, 20–30, 30+), currently pregnant (yes/no), actually given delivery (yes/no), alcoholic drinks fool around with (yes/no), age to start with usage of alcoholic beverages (10–19, 20–30, 30+, Never), the number of college students (Shorter otherwise equal 2, Reduced or equivalent cuatro, Equivalent or even more than simply 5, None) and you may chronilogical age of the latest husband (15–twenty-four, 25–34, 35+) was in fact the brand new sociodemographic and individual-peak products included in this studymunity-peak points included was indeed section of abode (rural/urban), area of supply (Khangai, Central, Eastern, Ulaanbaatar, Western), ethnicity (Khalkh, Kazakh, Other), faith (Buddhist, Islam, Other, No Religion), and you will riches directory score (Wealthiest, Last, Center, Second, Poorest).

Statistical research

Chi-rectangular shot was utilized to look at the new shipments away from data characteristics according to history of abortion and you can birth prevention fool around with, respectively. I utilized binary logistic regression to statement new relationship amongst the benefit plus the separate parameters. Parameters reviewed in the modern studies was picked predicated on their characteristics into the literary works [30, 31]. Univariable designs was developed and you can parameters having a great p 0.1 proving no multicollinearity trouble within our models. Furthermore, i utilized receiver-performing characteristic (ROC) investigation to compare and you may assess the precision of your own four analytical designs operating [33, 34]. The better the value of the fresh AUC and/or big brand new area less than contour, the greater new efficiency of model. The strength of relationship is actually said due to the fact modified odds ratio (AOR) as well as their 95% count on menstruation. The new analytical significance is actually put at p


All in all, 8373 girls had been assessed. Profile step one screens new frequency of one’s entry to birth prevention steps for each sort of certainly one of Mongolian female. All of our overall performance showed that of your surveyed people, % reported having fun with one or more birth control approach. Additionally, IUD try widely known contraception approach (%) with tablets (). Minimum of used contraception strategy are female condoms (letter = 33). The professionals regarding survey shown to make use of LARCs (%) versus permanent low-reversible strategy (six.56%). Some of those that used some of the 7 birth prevention procedures envision to possess study within data, % said that have a track record of abortion.

The outcomes from inside the Table step 1 showed that % (letter = 2525) of your own surveyed ladies claimed with knowledgeable an abortion. Everything % ones just who didn’t use contraceptives claimed of an abortion background. There are tall distinctions (p Table 1 Shipping away from study services of the reputation for abortion

From the % of one’s advertised having fun with out-of contraceptives during the time of new questionnaire (Dining table 2). Among others, a leading ratio of females aged thirty-five+ (52.7%), whose husbands was aged thirty five+ (%), and you may currently married (%) said having fun with contraceptives. Additionally, a top ratio of women that have ? 4 people (%), outlying owners (54.5%) together with hitched aged 20–31 years (%) conveyed having fun with contraceptives. Likewise, a premier proportion out-of contraceptive pages try observed among ladies out of the fresh Khalkh principles group (%), that has ever provided birth (%) and you may ate liquor (76.2%).

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