Just like the later given that , the guy affirmed that more than mass media which he was a good “METROSEXUAL

Just like the later given that , the guy affirmed that more than mass media which he was a good “METROSEXUAL

Albert Pike, the latest Huge Frontrunner of your Scottish Rite from 1859 to help you 1891, the most recognized and you can important Western Freemasons off all-time. The fresh Best Council exalts Pike because of the claiming: “Albert Pike stays today a motivation for Masons every-where. His higher book Morals and you will Dogma endures as the most over exposition away from Scottish Rite opinions. He’ll continually be remembered and you will respected due to the fact Master Builder of the Scottish Rite.” (The house of one’s Temple of Best Council 1988) George J. Mecherle, maker out-of Condition Ranch, is additionally listed one of many miracle and effective ILLUMINATI in the us. This new racialist Hoopers Group of the NBA was spawned by Pike’s clandestine Luciferian Scottish Rite Forehead in addition to magic ILLUMINATI.

There were almost every other Images that also processed using my personal aware and you can subconscious. They included the newest Satanic ILLUMINATI Coonery Threesome out-of harmful handkerchief heads, Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson and you can Spike Lee which was and completely “VOID” regarding ladies Images. Such as the Hoopers, the newest Coonery from Jackson, Barkley and you will Lee looked (psychic motivated) when you look at the constant and you will persistent date sequences regarding the televised NCAA event playoff game. The images away from Hoopers and you can Coon trio swam courtesy my personal mindful and you can subconscious mind for a lot of days. Here are the brand new “Basic facts Regarding Truth” of your Coon Trio Pictures that i really knowledgeable and forecast. I am able to start with CHARLES BARKLEY.

“The only state I got having Kenny’s, umm, open letter is, umm, I do not thought when things bad happens in the fresh black neighborhood we need to speak about thraldom. Listen, slavery was, uh, well, I shouldn’t say one of many bad something previously, since the I’m not sure some thing about any of it other than the things i understand or what my granny told me.” Charles Barkley

I not quite sure exactly what or who Charles Barkley may be. He could be more after that a classic Uncle Tom, Handkerchief head and bootlicker. The ILLUMINATI may have composed your as an http://www.datingranking.net/pink-cupid-review experimental MK Super/MONARCH black “CYBORG.” Don’t laugh, yet. ”

ILLUMINATI Icon, Ava DuVernay (Selma), Charles Barkley Prince Philip– Royal Home off The united kingdomt, Grand Grasp away from Freemans from The united kingdomt and Wales. That is from the being a laughing matter. It is one of the most frightening, harmful and you may clandestine applications of your “” new world “” Purchase and you will ILLUMINATI you to definitely seek to re-photo, re-construction and you can lso are-do Mankind in order to serve them- Transhumanism.

“Transhumanism is actually an enthusiastic occult endeavor, rooted in Rosicrucianism and you can Freemasonry, and you can derived from brand new Kabbalah, hence claims you to definitely mankind is evolving intellectually, towards a time in time whenever child becomes Jesus. Modeled with the gothic legend of Golem and you can Frankenstein, they feel man can carry out existence itself, when it comes to living hosts, otherwise fake cleverness.”

The new neologistic term is actually commonly thought to define heterosexual guys which adopt trends and you will life-style stereotypically of homosexual men

Charles Barkley merchandise a different sort of specie regarding freakish post intercourse guys-types of ILLUMINATI Transhumanism that will commonly blur new outlines of universal purchase, equilibrium, and in the end destroy the newest SACRED Women. I know one Charles Barkley has been programmed to get across brand new lines out of their penis, and regrettably serve this new BROTHERHOOD along with his Mouth and you can Ass.

Barkley publicly calls themselves an effective “METROSEXUAL

Postgenderism try a diverse societal, governmental and you will social path whoever adherents affirm the newest voluntary removal of sex regarding peoples species through the applying of cutting-edge biotechnology and you will assistive reproductive technology. New professional of the globe could be the of those who’ll have personal and you may sole accessibility the key development adjust Humanity. Charles (Chuck o Licious) Wade Barkley was born and you can raised in Leeds, Alabama, ten miles additional Birmingham. He says seriously strange something compliment of mass media one to impractical came out-of their very humble record. He says such things as he’d in reality “work for ‘the brand new Klan’ whenever they paid me personally sufficient.” It’s is not necessarily the money. It’s MK Super/MONARCH numerous identification disordered (MPD) brain handle programming. This Negro can be programmed to help you slaughter all of us.

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