Inside 2366, the fresh USS Firm-C came up regarding a-temporal crack

Inside 2366, the fresh USS Firm-C came up regarding a-temporal crack

Borg King

From inside the 2063, from inside the Borg assault into Company-E, which in fact had turned up from the season 2373, Studies was abducted from the a great Borg drone. Not able to absorb brand new android, new Borg King made an effort to bribe Investigation towards the subservience by offering him alive tissue rather than his polymer. Studies played with each other, which have ideal sexual connections with the Borg King, exactly who wished him because the somebody to ease this new loneliness of her role as the anyone from the Cumulative, Investigation basically ‘replacing’ Locutus. Data sooner deceived the Borg King, destroying the girl with warp motor coolant, that can eliminated the newest skin she got grafted to your. He then acknowledge so you can Picard that part of him are nonetheless disappointed regarding the lady death, detailing one to the lady render to create your nearer to Humankind got temporarily tempted him (albeit just for 0.68 mere seconds, a duration that, according to Data, equates – to have an android – to “nearly for years and years”). ( Star Trek: First Contact )

Alternative details and you can timelines

Its disappearance regarding the season 2344 caused an adjusted timeline, where in fact the Federation is losing a war resistant to the Klingons. Study had been the new ship’s procedures manager. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Agency “)

Lieutenant Worf encountered a beneficial quantum fissure which triggered him to begin with moving forward ranging from quantum details when you look at the 2370. In many universes, Analysis was still new Enterprise’s procedures administrator, and you can went to a shock party for Worf. Inside a minumum of one of those facts, Data’s sight was basically bluish in place of the feature purple.

In another fact, Research had been the fresh new businesses officer and second administrator but was outranked by the Commander Worf, exactly who served just like the ship’s very first officer significantly less than Chief Riker, Picard having been destroyed regarding Battle regarding Wolf 359 inside the 2367. This kind of Research theorized so it would be you’ll to help you seal brand new fissure in the event the shuttlecraft Curie throughout the no. 1 fact re-entered new fissure and you may emitted a standard range warp field. According to Chief Picard, the knowledge on the prie completion. Every situations pursuing the Worf’s stumble on was in fact erased about schedule due to the fact fissure was close. ( TNG : ” The thing is that “)

For the an unfamiliar, alternative future timeframe, Data try a professor (the latest Lucasian Teacher regarding Math) within Cambridge College or university and you may existed at the Isaac Newton’s house or apartment with a beneficial housekeeper and lots of cats. Appear to in this upcoming, he previously recognized the concept of jokes, proclaiming that his housekeeper Jessel generated him laugh. In addition, their everyday address had so much more nuance and you can inflection, and he did actually have finally conquer the usage contractions. He’d and dyed section of his locks gray as he believed that they made him browse known. But not, Jessel was of the view it generated him seem like an excellent “soft skunk.” ( TNG : ” The Good things. free hookup chat Charlotte “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay from inside the 2366 recreated about a couple of Datas when he try enduring holo-dependency. You to system got Investigation included in the Around three Musketeers, as the most other reproduced the whole team of Company-D. You to definitely recreation of data try establish when Barclay told you goodbye to help you their desires and you will erased new programs. ( TNG : ” Hollow Pursuits “)
  • Barash recreated the whole demand team of your own Corporation-D in the 2367 on the Leader Onias III to save Frontrunner Riker there. That it recreation happened during the good 2383 where Investigation had been advertised to help you Chief together with become the earliest administrator. ( TNG : ” Upcoming Imperfect “)
  • A pc description aboard the newest USS Organization-D given that holo contributed to all of the emails taking on the appearance of Investigation inside 2369. ( TNG : ” A beneficial Fistful of Datas “)

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